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July 13, 2024
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Keturah Anointing Oil

Keturah Anointing Oil
Keturah Anointing Oil
SKU#: PROD60188
Price: $13.00

Keturah Anointing Oil
Created by Mary Medford
Based on the book, "Keturah Revealed" by Dr. Venessa Battle-Pittman Keturah was the name of Abraham's third wife per Genesis 25:1. The root meaning of her name means "incense" or "perfume". Each bottle is prophetically made from essential oils of Frankincense 9 drops (9 is the number of the fullness of blessing) and 10 drops of Spikenard (expensive perfume used in extravagant worship based on John 12:1-3) and organic extra virgin olive oil from Israel. Frankincense is what incense is made from, and is a metaphor for prayers based on Revelation 5:8.

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